I’m Tess, I’m am an east coaster, and I share my time equally between Alberta & Nova Scotia! I have photographed over 85 weddings as of 2018, and countless portrait sessions all over North America, including British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, California, and Mexico. Within the next year, Dubai, Hawaii, and a few other super exciting destinations are being added to that list! I’m an adventurous soul and believe travel is good for the heart! I’m also a social butterfly who enjoys getting to know people and highlighting their personalities in the images that I take. I see the world with a raw perspective, full of emotion and colour. Not everything is posed and perfect, and I LOVE that!

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, my sweet man Garrett, our cat Maya, and our dog Pistachio. You can often find me blasting music and singing along, going on adventures (especially when they involve dusty old antique shops, the mountains, the desert, or the ocean), and taking LOTS of photos! Some more things I love are; goooooooood coffee, painting, exploring local restaurants, long drives, travelling everywhere I can, mentoring fellow photographers, and cooking with my grandparents!


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