Bow Lake Surprise Proposal

Aaron reached out to me and he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Gladys during their trip to Banff! They were coming all the way from Singapore and he wanted this to be so special. The iconic Moraine Lake and Lake Louise were on their list of places to see, but Aaron wanetd for a more intimate setting. Cue Bow Lake – Banff’s hidden gem, a majestic spot away from the bustling crowds.

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On a chilly, fog-draped morning, as the sun painted the Rockies with its first light, we found ourselves immersed in the beauty of Bow Lake. Our little secret? Well, it began with a chat about photographing Canadian geese – a perfect distraction. And then, with a breath-catching view as the backdrop, Aaron dropped to one knee. The magic unfolded, and Gladys’s beaming smile said it all.

After our adventure at Bow Lake, we ventured back to Banff, catching a shuttle to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. Along the way, we made friends with Banff’s adorable golden-mantled ground squirrels. Fun Fact~ These cuties look like chipmunks but lack the distinctive facial stripes!

At Lake Louise, surrounded by postcard-worthy beauty, Gladys and Aaron continued their love story. The joyous news was shared with family via FaceTime, the pristine lake echoing with their excitement.

Being part of surprise proposals is more than capturing moments – it’s witnessing the raw, genuine emotions that make each story unique. Aaron and Gladys’s journey, from the hidden gem of Bow Lake to the iconic landscapes of Moraine Lake & Lake Louise, is a tale of love, surprises, and the breathtaking beauty that Banff effortlessly provides.

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